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As we begin the 21st century, Niagara Industries stands poised to unveil its newest lines of electronic tankless water heaters. For 20 years Niagara Industries has stood for dependability, reliability and performance. Our dedication to excellence has lead to many new innovations like the only linear electronic shower heater in the world, and our famous TITAN-SCR2 Electronic Tankless Water Heater. The TITAN-SCR2 has become the flagship of Niagara Industries, with a U.S. Patent and thousands of units sold, it has become the #1 selling unit in the industry.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we are pleased to introduce our two newest product lines:

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The MAGNUM-2000 is one of our newest industrial tankless water Heaters. It's compact size and power makes it ideal for areas that are limited in space. The MAGNUM-2000 is the perfect unit for industries that require a large amount of hot water constantly and at a high temperature. The MAGNUM-2000 will come in 4 different models ranging from 15 to 24 kilowatts, and will feature automatic and manual temperature control.

The STAR Point-Of-Use Tankless Water Heater is our second newest product. The STAR answers the markets demand for a small, inexpensive point-of-use tankless water heater. It will be offered in two models and is designed for applications where hot water is only desired for a single point. The unit comes with a temperature selector control allowing the user to choose three different settings. It is also designed for vertical plumbing installation making connection under the sink even easier, and can be used in areas where only one water line exists.
For more information on these or any of our products please email us at:

Niagara Industries is proud to offer the largest selection of tankless water heaters and shower heaters in the world.

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